Our Syntelate XA Demo

It’s almost December! The year seems to have flown by, but it’s been an exciting one for us here at Inisoft with the launch of our new product, Syntelate XA.

On Saturday the Christmas lights in my town were turned on, accompanied by fireworks and a visit from Santa. It’s a happy time of year, and there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks, with Christmas parties and meals with family and friends.

Last weekend also brought the first snow of winter, however, and I’m sure I’m not the only who has already started daydreaming of holidays in the sun next year!

Perhaps it was this that influenced the scenario for our Syntelate XA demo: a travel agent. Of course, XA’s flexible design means it can be used in any type of contact center, but I think travel works well for a demo. Whether it’s for a holiday or business, travel is something we’re all familiar with.
We recently finished our demo video, and – having just watched it again – I think it nicely highlights some of the XA features we’re most excited about:

•Unified agent desktop: XA unifies all communication channels – voice, email, SMS, web chat, and social media – into a single simple interface. It unifies information too, showing all the customer’s details, including a full interaction history across all channels. Agents can even view past emails and transcripts of past chats.

•Voice of the customer: XA lets you gather feedback from customers after all types of interaction. XA also logs statistics such as how long the customer spent on hold, the total call time, and so on. You can display this information to supervisors in live dashboards, and you can show it to agents on their desktop too.

•Voice of the agent: Feedback from your agents is often just as illuminating as that from customers. XA makes it easy to gather feedback from your agents, which you can then use to drive process improvements, script changes, and targeted training.

•Scripting: Guide your agents through even the most complex of calls with confidence with our dynamic scripting solution.

Of course, four minutes isn’t long enough to cover all the brilliant features of Syntelate XA, like our integration with CRMs and self-service systems. Nevertheless, I think the video gives a great idea of what Syntelate XA is capable of.

If you haven’t already, watch the video and see for yourself what Syntelate XA could do for your contact center.