Reduce Effort to Improve Outcomes

Reducing customer effort is good news for everyone. Clients get to resolve issues or purchase services quickly and efficiently while contact centers benefit from reduced costs and increased utilization of their agents.

One obvious way to reduce customer effort is to introduce new channels, but it’s important to do this right. In this digital age people will normally do anything to avoid picking up the phone, but when a customer has a sensitive or complex issue and really needs to speak to someone, don’t force them to use web chat.

Without encouragement, customers will naturally gravitate towards the more efficient digital methods when these are appropriate to their problem. Let the customer choose the channel that’s right for them.

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A Success Story

Turn2us is a UK charity that helps people in financial hardship. As part of their digital first strategy, Turn2us recently introduced new communication channels, integrating these into their existing Unified Agent Desktop.

With agents not having to learn a brand-new tool, training instead focused on the soft skills required for the new channels. From the outset, Turn2us wanted communication via these channels to match the high standards of their existing channels.

The results of the project? A 17% reduction in calls year on year, and 96% of customers said they were happy to recommend Turn2us to a friend. These figures speak for themselves. A focus on customer service really can reduce customer effort, and reducing customer effort really does improve outcomes.

To learn more about this topic, watch our video discussing how to reduce customer effort.

Oonagh McBride

Head of Inisoft