Kura is the largest independent outsourcer in the United Kingdom, providing outsourced contact center services for a number of the world’s most successful brands, including one of the UK’s “Big Six” energy suppliers. With this Big Six client, Kura found themselves facing a significant challenge with repeat calls.

First call resolution is one of the key targets in the contact center industry, and it is important to both customers and to the contact center itself:

  • Customers hate having to repeat themselves. They want their problem to be resolved when first they raise it, not for it to be dragged out across multiple calls.
  • For the contact center, having to handle multiple calls about a single issue is an inefficient use of agents’ time that increases the costs associated with resolving the issue.

In addition, the agent experience is impacted by repeat calls. No agent enjoys handling calls from frustrated repeat callers.

Kura believed that the key to reducing repeat calls lay with agents. After all, agents are the ones who talk to customers every day and so they are best placed to identify the reasons for repeat calls. What Kura needed was a system that could automatically flag repeat calls to agents and then enable agents to simply but systematically record the reason for the repeat call.

Enter Syntelate XA Kapture

Kura implemented Syntelate XA Kapture, the perfect tool to capture call statistics and categorization in an outsourced environment. Syntelate XA Kapture prompts Kura’s agents when a repeat call is detected and then asks them why the customer called back and how this could have been prevented.

The Syntelate XA Kapture Desktop for Kura

Improved First Call Resolution and Customer Satisfaction

Kura used the information provided by Syntelate XA Kapture to analyze the reasons for repeat calls; they then addressed and resolved each of the issues identified, no matter whether these originated with people, processes, or systems. This drove a 3% improvement in first call resolution.

This improvement in first call resolution reduced the call volume by 1,100 calls per month, which represented a significant saving to Kura’s client. Just as importantly, this represented 579 customers who got the answer they needed on first contact. This improvement in customer experience is great not only for customers but also for the client, since an organization that is easy to do business with sees increased customer loyalty, improved customer satisfaction, and increased retention.

The work also had a very positive impact for agents, empowering them to help the customer on first contact and so increasing job satisfaction. Kura also used the unique Voice of the Agent feature to collect feedback directly from agents about how they found the call.

Where the agent indicated that they felt out of their depth, this information was aggregated and matched with the call disposition to pinpoint problem call types. Kura’s training team then designed targeted coaching modules to help agents with these calls. Similarly, where agents consistently marked certain call types as too easy, the Kura transformation team investigated whether these interactions could potentially be automated as part of a Continuous Improvement Initiative.

Other Benefits

Kura also now enjoy the operational benefits of the real-time Syntelate XA Kapture dashboard, which is powered by agents’ categorization of calls in Syntelate XA Kapture. This dashboard allows operational staff to easily monitor the on-the-day call reason mix and handle time.

The Syntelate XA Kapture Dashboard for Kura

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