Facebook and Twitter: Private and Public Chats

Social media remains a hot topic for contact centers. We know that customers love being able to get in touch by their channel of choice, but in many sectors privacy concerns can leave contact centers wondering just what types of questions can actually be handled via social media.

Syntelate XA currently supports Facebook and Twitter, and we have plans to expand our social media capabilities in the near future. For both Facebook and Twitter, we support both public and private messages. Customers can fluidly move from a public to a private chat when talking with an agent. The following video shows how this works.

By so easily being able to move to a private chat, agents can handle interactions over Syntelate XA that you wouldn’t want to be conducted in the public social media space. That’s good news, eh? Here’s the other piece of good news: there are no extra steps you need to perform to support both public and private chats!

To set up Facebook or Twitter to work with Syntelate XA, all you have to do is add a new “message gateway” in Syntelate Studio. This is really easy: you enter the Twitter username or Facebook page that you want to monitor plus a few other details, and that’s you! For Twitter, you can also add hashtags or keywords that you want to monitor via our simple config tool.

You can find full instructions in the help: Facebook / Twitter.

How do you think social media could be used at your contact center?

Gavin Gray

Technical Author, Inisoft

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