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Web self-service software is a win for everyone. Customers get to perform basic transactions online at a time that suits them; contact centers see efficiency gains with a reduced numbers of calls; and agents spend less time on boring tasks and more time using their skills to handle challenging and rewarding queries.

The goods new is that, with Syntelate XA, integration with self-service systems is easy.

Your Systems Need to Talk Too

Let’s say your website lets customers update their personal details themselves without having to call your contact center. What if, soon after doing this, a customer calls up with another query? You’ll want your agent to have the customer’s latest details to hand, of course, and for this, your self-service system will need to have passed the updated details to Syntelate XA.

On the other hand, what if a customer calls to update their details and then soon afterwards logs in to your website? In this case, you’ll want the customer to see their updated details, and for this, Syntelate XA will need to have passed the updated details to your self-service system.

Thankfully Syntelate XA’s architecture makes the passing of data between Syntelate XA and other systems easy.

Let Us Meet Your Self-Service Needs

Perhaps you don’t yet have self-service software but are looking to introduce this. We can do that for you: let our development team build a bespoke self-service system that exactly meets your needs and also integrates perfectly with Syntelate XA.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements; we’d be delighted to make a proposal.

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