Unified Agent Desktop Solution

You want your agents to be able to help your customers with confidence – to engage with them, not spend time hunting down information or navigating multiple complex systems.

With Syntelate XA’s unified agent desktop solution, this is easy. Put everything in one place for your agents. Let your agents make and take calls, reply to emails and SMS messages, engage in web chats, and handle social media interactions – all from one place: their unified desktop.

But what about customer details, scripts, agents’ workload information, and all the other details that your agents require? Well, it all goes in the desktop. In Syntelate XA, a desktop unifies all the information and functionality that your agents need. It all goes in one place, in one simple interface.

How Does It Work?

With our easy-to-use design tool, simply drag and drop elements onto a desktop to design it. You can even design different desktops for different parts of your business. Each agent sees the appropriate desktop when they log in to Syntelate XA.

A desktop can include things like:

  • Call buttons (dial, hold, transfer, hang up, and so on)
  • Controls for email, SMS, web chat, and social media
  • A dynamic script showing the agent what to say at each point in an inbound or outbound call
  • Data entry elements showing the customer’s details and other information, such as special offers or objection handling tips
  • A chart showing the agent’s key stats, such as average handling time, and how these compare with the rest of their team
  • A workload element listing things such as emails to be responded to and upcoming callbacks

It Just Looks Good

Designing a desktop is really quick because you don’t have to worry about how it’ll look: colors, logos, and so on are all defined in the theme. The theme makes sure that your desktop will look good.

Syntelate XA comes with several themes out of the box, but maybe you’d like a theme that uses your company’s branding. No problem – we can do that for you.

Our agent desktop solutions are responsive too, which means they’ll look good whatever the resolution of an agent’s monitor – or even if viewed on a tablet or smartphone.


Desktops support multiple languages, meaning some of your agents could view a desktop in English while others view the same desktop in Spanish, say. No matter how many languages you choose to support, you’ll only ever have a single desktop to maintain and update – not one for each language.


We’ve sat with agents, watched them at work, and talked with them about their needs and how things could be done better. After all, no one knows agents’ requirements better than agents themselves.

Some of the ideas that agents suggested were really simple and clearly helpful, and yet we wouldn’t have thought of them ourselves. For example, one trainee agent commented that she struggled to remember the NATO phonetic alphabet when under pressure. We listened, and in Syntelate XA agents can view the phonetic spelling for fields such as email addresses and reference numbers.

We’ve designed Syntelate XA to meet the needs of real agents. Let our unified desktop solutions engage, empower, and motivate your agents.


  • Single interaction for all applications

  • Increase agents' productivity and confidence

  • Reduce average handling times

  • Simplify agent training

  • Reduce costs

  • Improve customer satisfaction

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