Proactive Contact

With our proactive contact solution, run efficient and successful outbound campaigns by voice, email, and SMS.


To push outbound calls to your agents, simply add records to your worklist. Each record represents a customer interaction to be made. For each record, define things like:

  • When Syntelate XA should pass the call to an agent
  • The agent group – or even the specific agent – that should make the call
  • The call’s priority

You can import records from sources like Microsoft Excel, a database, or a text file. You can also import records by calling our web API. This lets you do some really clever things.

For example, let’s say you sell some product or service via your website. Sometimes a customer starts a transaction on your website but doesn’t complete it. When this happens – and you’ve captured the customer’s phone number – you’d like an agent to call the customer to find out why they changed their mind.

With Syntelate XA, organizing this is easy. Simply set up your website to make a call to our API after a customer has left an item in their basket for, say, 24 hours. Syntelate XA will then automatically pass an outbound record to an agent to call the customer.

By following up with the customer soon after the abandoned transaction, the agent may be able to address any problems the customer had – and so convince them to complete their purchase.

Progressive or Preview

Syntelate XA Proactive Contact offers both progressive and preview dialing.

With progressive dialing, Syntelate XA starts dialing the next customer in the worklist as soon as an agent ends or wraps up their previous call.

With preview dialing, Syntelate XA shows the customer’s details to the agent before dialing. Let your agents decide when to make the call, or else configure Syntelate XA to go into preview for a set length of time – 20 seconds, say.

Syntelate XA maximizes the amount of time that your agents spend in contact with your customers.

Email and SMS

With Syntelate XA, you can also proactively contact your customers via email and SMS. For example, use the data you hold about your customers to send targeted marketing emails. Send an email to all customers over a particular age or all customers who live in a particular city.

For voice, we talked about calling customers who start a transaction on your website but don’t complete it. Well, maybe you only want to do that for existing customers. For new customers, let’s say you simply want to send them an SMS message. With Syntelate XA, it’s all possible.

Automated messaging comes with a whole host of advantages. Even so, customers may still rather opt out. No problem: Syntelate XA supports that too.

Flexible and with a wide range of options, Syntelate XA Proactive Contact meets all your needs for outbound contact.

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