Intuitive Scripting

Integrate our Scripting Widget with your existing contact center application for an advanced scripting solution that will guide your agents through each call with confidence.

Help Your Agents to Help Your Customers

With our Scripting Widget, your agents don’t have to memorize complex processes or navigate multiple applications to hunt down information. Make things easy for your agents and let them focus on doing what they do best: engaging with your customers.

Simple Design Tools

Designing all the possible paths that each call can take couldn’t be easier.

Artificial Intelligence

Niso, our AI assistant, can help agents directly from the scripting widget, saving them from hunting down answers in a separate knowledge base.

Niso helps your agents to help your customers quickly.


  • Improve first call resolution

  • Increase agents’ confidence

  • Reduce average handling time

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Reduce costs

  • Improve quality and ensure compliance measures are adhered to

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