The Voice of the Agent is Loud – Leaders are you Listening?

Kura and Inisoft recently teamed up with CCA Global to understand the challenges in the contact center from an agent's perspective.

CCA Global surveyed over 600 front-end advisors and the results showed:

  • 86% of agents believe they have the correct skills to do their job well, and 56% believe their job makes good use of their skills and abilities.

However, the research also revealed that:

  • Only 53% of team leaders feel they receive regular training and development to support them as a team leader.
  • 34% of agents don’t feel valued as an employee.
  • And from a senior executive’s point of view, 64% agree that more could be done to understand employee feedback.

Download your complimentary copy of this summary report now: The Voice of the Agent is Loud.