Cloud or On-Premises?

Since we launched Syntelate XA last summer, one thing we’ve probably not shouted about enough is that Syntelate XA can run on the cloud as well as on-premises.

I think we’re all familiar with the cloud now. Most of us probably store some data on the cloud that we can access from our smartphone, our work PC, our tablet at home – or indeed from any computer with an internet connection. Photos, our calendar, a virtual notebook, video game save files (at least in my case) … but what about our business’s contact center?

With Syntelate XA on the cloud, your agents log in to their agent desktop from their web browser in the same way that they’d log in to their Gmail or Amazon account. Your designers and administrators too access Syntelate XA’s design tools in this way. Really, as long as you have a good internet connection – something that’s essential in the world of business in 2018 – you already have what you need to use Syntelate XA on the cloud.

Forget housing your own servers, with all the associated costs of purchasing and maintaining them, not to mention the physical space that they take up in your office. Forget hiring a large IT team to be responsible for those servers. Forget the time-consuming procurement and installation procedures that you need to go through, not only when you first set up your contact center, but whenever – as a result of your own success – you need to scale up your operation.

Syntelate XA on the cloud is ready to go from the moment you get it. There’s no installation – just open your browser, visit the site, and log in. Straightaway you can start designing agent desktops, connecting XA with your company’s social media accounts, and before you know it you’ll have a full omni-channel contact center solution for your business.

Lower costs, faster deployment time – what’s not to like? In fact, many contact centers have already made the move from the traditional on-premises model to a newer cloud solution. According to the State of Customer Experience 2017 report, 39% of contact centers have already migrated to the cloud, with a further 53% of contact centers planning to make the move within the next three years.

All this being said, every contact center is unique, and an on-premises solution could still be the best option for your contact center – especially if you already have the IT infrastructure in place to support this. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to advise how best to deploy Syntelate XA at your contact center.

To speak to one of our team, call +44 (0)141 272 1221 or leave us a message here and we’ll get back to you to talk you through your options.