Turn2us was established in 2007 to help people in financial need gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help – online, by phone and face to face through partner organizations.

While Turn2us is a digital first service, the aim of the contact center service is to support those that have no access to the internet or are looking for assistance using the online tools available. Access to the Helpline is through multiple channels including inbound call, email, letter and online enquiry form. Therefore, it was vital that the contact centre agents had a simple to use, comprehensive, and yet flexible unified agent desktop to manage and respond to the customer queries.

Syntelate XA was the ideal tool to meet the omni-channel requirements while providing the best possible interface allowing agents to help vulnerable customers. Our bespoke Syntelate CRM solution ensures all activity is tracked for all customers. Each time a customer calls the helpline the agent is guided through an identification verification process then presented with the callers’ details and a full interaction history. The agent can then help the caller within the context of their full history of voice, email, web chat and white mail transactions with the charity.

Turn2us has also implemented a true “voice of the customer” solution by surveying all clients who receive an action plan. Syntelate XA prompts the relevant clients through automated email and SMS.
Inbound emails, white mail, web chat and online enquiries are answered in the same environment ensuring consistency for the agent.

Since implementing Syntelate XA, Turn2us is helping more vulnerable customers using the channel of their choice.

Key Highlights

  • Over 80% of callers now receive a positive outcome (benefit check, grant search or both)
  • 17% Reduction in calls year on year.
  • 30% Reduction in AHT.
  • Quality has consistently been over target (above 90%)
  • 94% Satisfaction rate & 96% Recommendation rate.
  • 98% of emails are answered within 24 hours

Using Syntelate XA provides our advisers with the right balance of technology and guidance allowing the team to focus on the customer’s requirements.

Kirsten McKenzie - Head of Helpline Services

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