West College Scotland has 30,000 students and 1,200 staff, making it one of the biggest educational institutions in the country. The college plays a key role in supporting the local communities, providing courses to more than 3,000 senior-phase school pupils in college, in school and online. It’s the responsibility of each college to manage their student funds closely and ensure the available money is directed to the students most in need as efficiently as possible.

West College Scotland were an early adopter of CAMS to provide a complete self-service system for student funding. West College Scotland students have enjoyed the convenience of a student funding portal that allows them to apply for funds, monitor the progress of applications, upload evidence and track their payments all in one place. All communication, including prompts to apply, reminders for required information and the funding award are automatically emailed to the student.
The college has improved the efficiency of the application process to the level where applications are assessed within days of submission. Funding staff can concentrate on validating and evaluating applications rather than the time consuming process of helping students with document scanning and upload, as well as being able to use the CAMS system to its capacity to help with day to day work challenges. The student experience has vastly improved as they can complete the whole application process independently having little to no need to contact the college for assistance.

Key highlights

  • Improved efficiency of the application process
  • Reduction in time consuming jobs for staff.
  • Improved student experience
  • Reduction in admin activities for funding staff

Funding enquiries in general, phones/emails/student personal contact are at an all-time low and there has been very little requirement for students to visit the college for evidence scanning or submission. This has improved the application experience for both staff and students. The feedback from the students and staff as well as external childcare providers has been consistently positive.

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