Student Funding: Challenges, Changes and Solutions

Are the students at your institution worried about funding? What about the impact of Brexit?

Student Funding: Challenges, Changes and Solutions is the title of our new white paper. When it comes to funding their studies, students face all sorts of challenges and changes. This is true for students whatever their background, but it’s especially true for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It’s not just students who find themselves facing challenges and changes at the moment, however. For funding managers at colleges and universities, it’s not an easy time.

For students and institutions alike, the future brings uncertainty, with questions still surrounding the impact of our decision to leave the EU. One thing that seems certain is that we’ll lose access to the European Social Fund – responsible for £305 million of funding to English colleges and independent training organisations in 2014/15, and more than £20 million to Scottish colleges each year.

Despite the changes that are coming, the aim of student funding remains the same: to get funding to the people who need it the most, whatever the source.

Have a read of our white paper, and learn our thoughts on the situation today, the changes and challenges that we see coming, and how we can help with these.



Duncan McCunn

Head of Sales and Professional Services