Inisoft: The New and Improved!

Well today marks the day that the new and improved brand makes its debut.


Over the past few months the full Inisoft team have been hard at work alongside Made Brave, a creative agency based in Glasgow, to redesign and launch our new brand. Working tirelessly, the teams have come together and managed to pull off some fantastic stuff, and I am really proud to say that we can now officially unveil this to everyone.


So here it is introducing the new and improved Inisoft.



Meet the team:

Introducing Bob, Emily and Zac.

customer management software

Now Bob is your everyday standard guy because we think our software is so simple anyone could use it! Representing Syntelate, Bob shows that advisers everywhere need to be able to simplify things in order to concentrate on the customer and what better way that with a unified agent desktop. With a few variations to choose from you can get it touch with us to find out more information and keep an eye out for Bob at our events and demonstrations, you never know when he might pop up!

Emily is our go to girl for all things funding. As we all know women tend to be better at spending money, however, Emily is challenging the status quo as she represents our student fund management software, CAM’s. She conveys the sheer simplicity of our solution for both the students and college administrators. Emily displays that our solution not only improves process but also enhances the student experience.

And finally we have Zac who is showing off his super cool student ways with our super cool product, INICA. Zac represents this software as it is designed to save your college hard earned cash. By taking a different approach to course applications, Zac shows that the INICA software benefits not only the college, but also the student.


I hope that you like the new brand as much as I do and we look forward to being able to see what else we can do as we move through the rest of the year.

The new brand really captures Inisoft as a brand and as a company. We invite you to join us as we embark on this new adventure.

If you want to find out any more information then please do not hesitate to contact us at .



Oonagh McBride

Head of Inisoft


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