Voice of the Customer

To provide the best service for your customers, you need to understand how your customers feel about your company – what you are doing right and what you could improve.

Our voice of the customer solution makes it easy to gather this information. After an interaction – a call or SMS chat, say – send an email or SMS message to the customer asking them to complete a short survey about their experience.


Our customer feedback solution records all replies, and you can then use this data to implement improvements within your  organization.



How Does it Work?

Our customer feedback solution supports two types of survey: SMS surveys and web surveys.

With an SMS survey, Syntelate XA sends the customer a series of SMS messages, each asking one question. Questions typically ask the customer to give a rating from 0 to 10, and when the customer sends their response, this triggers Syntelate XA to send the next question.

With a web survey, Syntelate XA sends an email or SMS message to the customer with a hyperlink to a web page. The customer visits this web page and completes the survey there.

We’ll design your web survey for you according to your requirements and using your company’s branding, or you can use your own web designer.

Of course, you can also use an online survey tool of your choice, although in most cases we’d suggest against this approach. Data is most powerful when it’s interconnected, and a bespoke solution ensures that your survey data is fully integrated with the rest of your contact center data.


You’ll have full control over when to send survey invitations out to customers. Perhaps you only want to request feedback for inbound calls but not other types of interaction; or perhaps you want to request feedback on interactions involving newly trained agents but not more experienced agents. With Syntelate XA, it’s all possible.



Visualize the Data

To get the most out of the data you gather, use our Dashboards module. See at a glance how your customers are feeling.



  • Improve your customer service

  • Manage how your customers perceive your brand

  • Improve customer satisfaction

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