Social Media Monitoring for Customer Service

Our social media monitoring solution for customer service lets your customers get in touch via the communication channels that suit them.

Syntelate XA monitors your social media accounts and optionally also keywords that you want to track. For example, on Twitter, whenever someone tweets a message that includes your Twitter handle (such as @InisoftLtd), you could pass this to an agent to reply to. You could also, however, pass an agent any tweet that includes your company’s name (such as Inisoft or #Inisoft), even when that message is not directed at your company’s Twitter account.

You can even prioritize tweets differently based on keywords. For example, you could automatically set any tweet containing the word “complaint” to the highest priority.

We support Facebook and Twitter, and Syntelate XA’s architecture makes it easy for us to integrate with additional social media services too. If you’d like to support some other platform, please get in touch to let us know.

How Does It Work?

When Syntelate XA picks up a matching message – whether publicly posted or sent as a private message to your company – this is passed to an agent in Syntelate XA.

You can even route messages to an appropriate agent by supporting, say, multiple Twitter handles. For example, a general inquiry sent to @InisoftTravel could be passed to a different agent group than a technical support inquiry sent to @IniTravSupport.

Syntelate XA matches on the customer’s username and, where you have the customer’s social media details on record, automatically retrieves the customer’s record. This means that, from the very start of the interaction, your agent has the customer’s details to hand, including a full interaction history across all channels. With this information, your agents can always give your customers an informed reply.

The agent types their response directly in Syntelate XA, and Syntelate XA then posts this using your company’s social media account. Any further messages from the customer are passed to the same agent, and these show in Syntelate XA as a chat, with a full history of all messages that have been sent back and forth.

Own Your Brand

Syntelate XA’s social media monitoring for customer service lets you take ownership of how your company is seen in the public eye.

Let’s say something has gone wrong, and a customer posts a complaint on social media. It’s unfortunate, but as much as we try to keep our customers happy all the time, it still happens sometimes.

Well, by pushing this complaint to an agent straightaway, Syntelate XA lets you turn the situation around. The right reply, delivered quickly, can diffuse the situation and make the customer understand how much you value their business. This not only keeps the customer happy; it also reflects well on your company, both to other customers and to potential customers in the public social media space.

Key Features

  • Define smart text for frequently used sentences and paragraphs, and make it easy for agents to quickly and accurately reply to common questions.
  • Prevent certain agents from posting public messages directly; instead first route their messages to a supervisor for approval.
  • Let agents transfer a social media chat – for example, if the customer has a second question that the first agent can’t help with.
  • Let agents check for typos before sending messages via the integrated spell check.
  • Automatically capture statistics for reporting, such as the total duration of the social media interaction.
  • Let agents deal with multiple chats at a time. These can even be a mix of web, SMS, and social media chats (if you also take the Web Chat and Email/SMS modules).
  • Define chat disposition codes, allowing your agents to select the outcome of each social media interaction. Use this information in monitoring your social media effectiveness.


  • Reduce call volumes

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Reduce costs

  • Respond to customers on the channel of their choice

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