Contact Center Dashboards

Information is key to a successful contact center business. Not only do your agents need the right information to help your customers, but you and your supervisors need the right information to monitor the effectiveness of your contact center – and to quickly make changes when required.

With our contact center dashboards solution, you’ll always have the information you need to make decisions. Each dashboard is a web page showing live data from your contact center. Designing a dashboard is easy: just drag on the elements that you want to show. Show data in tables or visually as charts.

Be in the Know

Use a dashboard to show information such as:

  • Call/chat/email average handling time
  • Number of agents logged in
  • Number of customers in call queue / web chat queue
  • Average wait time before customer is connected to an agent
  • Customer satisfaction levels (in conjunction with our Voice of the Customer module)
  • Agent comfort levels (in conjunction with our Voice of the Agent module)

These are just some suggestions; Syntelate XA puts no restrictions on what data you can show. If you have the data, then you can show it in a dashboard.


Information is Beautiful

  • Show data in a column chart, bar chart, line chart, or pie chart. You can even show both columns and lines on a single chart.
  • Fully control the look of each chart: select the colors to use; whether to show the chart in 2D or 3D; whether to stack columns; whether to include a legend; even whether to have chart data “bounce” on in an animation.
  • Add a dropdown to a chart then have Syntelate XA dynamically update the chart based on the dropdown selection. For example, let the user select whether the chart should show data from the last one, two, or three days.

Our simple design tool makes it easy.

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