The Otto Group encompasses over 120 companies employing around 50,000 people in business interests that span the globe. In the UK the group owns mail order houses Grattan and Freemans.

Initially, the process and frequency of customer contact was improved with the implementation of an Avaya Proactive Contact solution. However, the process of actually conducting surveys was manual and lengthy, requiring agents to write up responses by hand and for other colleagues to collate and analyse these responses. Otto required a flexible campaign management, call flow and agent support tool to operate in conjunction with the Avaya solution. It was critical to Otto that the chosen applicant had proven success in the high performance customer contact environment as it could not afford to put the relationship with its customers at risk.

Upon selecting Syntelate, Otto was delighted with the short timescales from decision to go-live; the implementation was complete in just over two weeks. Implementing Syntelate alongside the Avaya Proactive Contact solution has given Otto much greater flexibility in building outbound campaigns. New campaigns can now be turned around very quickly. Otto has created a stock of archived Syntelate campaigns that can be rolled out in as little as 30 minutes, by simply calling up and editing a previously created campaign. All the necessary information can be provided directly to the adviser screens, thus avoiding the need to produce printed material and hold staff briefings, which are both time consuming and costly.

Key Highlights

  • The solution was implemented in just two weeks
  • Relevant information provided on a single desktop
  • Improved processes
  • Improved agent performance
  • Reduction in average handling times
  • Wrap-up time reduced from 2 minutes to 2 seconds
  • Reduced training times

Syntelate is a very intuitive application. Our advisers were able to find their way around the screens very quickly and, whilst training was required for the dialler team, setting up a new campaign in Syntelate was so simple you could almost teach yourself.

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