Aylesbury College is an innovative and inclusive further education environment. Its Integrated Learning Campus provides a customer-focussed, forward-thinking centre of excellence for learning and skills development for approximately 6,000 students every year. Prior to the implementation of INICA the student application process for Aylesbury College was completely paper-based. Applications would be keyed into the admission system with the admissions team providing a paper interview pack for the academic staff to review and process each application.

Aylesbury College implemented INICA in early 2012 and by moving away from their previous paper-based approach were quickly able to see significant reductions in the time spent processing each application. This has allowed the admissions team to spend more time building relations with the students, which in turn has also helped to increase interview attendance rates.

This improvement to the overall student experience experience also extends to the interview itself. With the full application process now managed online, each tutor is able to use an iPad during the interview with the applicant’s full information available at the touch of a button. Offers can be submitted by the tutor before the interview is even complete, meaning that the applicant can leave the interview knowing they have been accepted on the course.

This instant offer process automatically updates the back office system, so a clear and real-time view of the number of course places available and number of offers made can instantly be seen by the teams.

Key highlights

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    30% saving in total college postal costs Wide range of MI reports available online Instant view on course spaces and availability Application follow-up on started but un-submitted applications
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    Time and resource savings
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    Streamlined customer journey
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    Wide range of MI reports available online
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    Instant view on course spaces and availability
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    Application follow-up on started but un-submitted applications

Our requirement was for an online application system that captures all the information we need while providing an excellent user experience – both for applicants and staff. INICA does all of this and the system has had a very positive impact on our student recruitment process.

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